Friday, June 28, 2013

The first week of Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter is big.  He is not a small planet.  Everything about Jupiter is bigger than life.  His other name is Jove, the judge and juror of Mt Olympus.   Cancer is a water sign, emotional with high, high peaks and low low lows.     After spending a year in Gemini Jupiter moved into Cancer this week where he will be for the next year.   If this first week is any indication of the year in front of us...reach for the oxygen masks our plane is climbing and diving.  

The SCOTUS struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act.

The SCOTUS voted in support of Gay Marriage.

The Tayvon Martin murder trial in Florida opened up with an culturally electrifying cross examination where the DA and the witness didn't understand each other.

Paula Deen continues to dig herself into a hole with an on camera interview on The Today Show

Texas state senator Wendy Davis filibusters a block to stricter laws against abortion in Texas for 11 hours and draws huge support.

And of course Edward Snowden continues to roam Earth looking for a place to call home.  Currently home is an airport in Moscow.   Interesting to see what happens with him now, his plight and cause was so Jupiter in will he make the transition to Cancer?    I dunno, he seemed pretty eclipsed by the others list week at least.

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