Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stellar Insights --Summer Chart.

Over at Stellar Insights,  David Crook put up a thoughtful piece on the Summer Chart.   I am not versed in the stars, but luckily there are many astrologers who use them in charts and I think have made compelling cases on their importance.  I know Stephanie Austin uses them a lot when she writes up up her new and full moon reports.    I have read several articles about Betelgeuse and know enough that it is not a warm and cozy star.  To say the least.  So, when I read David's piece and saw that Betelgeuse is prominent I thought "rut-ro".    David pretty much calls it the way he sees and I won't lie, I did get chills.  

ATURDAY, JUNE 08, 2013

Summer 2013 in the U.S.

Summer begins on June 20/21 when the Sun enters the cardinal sign of Cancer signified by a Crab. Mundane astrologers refer to this horoscope as the Cancer ingress. The 2013 Cancer ingress cast for the U.S. capital of Washington, DC, has generally benefic Jupiter in a critical position- conjunct the red star Betelgeuse, and the IC-4th house cusp.
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Betelgeuse (29 Gemini) is often highlighted in the charts for violent disasters. For instance- the so-called Solstice Eclipse of Dec. 21, 2010 conjoined Betelguese, thereby foreshadowing the epic Tohoku earthquake-tsunami (Mar 11, 2011), with the event South Node -0- Betelgeuse. The Moon conjoined this star at 8:46 am on 9/11 when the first hijacked plane hit the North Tower; and again when the Sumatra-Andaman (Boxing Day) earthquake struck near Sumatra and generated a tsunami that killed 250,000 people world-wide.

Given this history we are inclined to consider Betelgeuse a relatively malefic factor, and it's prominence in the 2013 Cancer ingress at the U.S. capital would therefore seem to presage a major disaster of some sort- perhaps weather related, or another attack on domestic soil. Either way, the transit from Mars to the Cancer ingress 4th house cusp, Jupiter, and Betelgeuse around July 10/11 is a likely trigger for such an event.

The 2013 Cancer ingress Sun in the the 4th house suggests that President Obama's influence and support is less than optimal this summer.

Indirectly related to the Cancer ingress, is the Leo New Moon of Aug. 6 that falls in the 8th house at D.C., with dark Pluto (square Uranus & opposite Jupiter) rising 3 minutes later. Mars contra-parallel the lunation Ascendant suggests a combative and/or violent dynamic. This potent New Moon at 15 Leo- conjunct the Aries Point-World Axis, is therefore a possible flash-point for the United States.
From United States


  1. Tracy, I have been following you over the past yr. and find that you give a clearer understanding to us novices than most astrologers. I wonder if you might be able to give me a clear overview of the time between June 18th-July 10th? This time frame is a very significant period for me over the last 10 yrs. My birthday is the 18th(I turn 53), My son was killed in Iraq 7-7-03 and his best friend (an additional son to our family) killed in Afghanistan 7-19-11. I only ask because I have sensed an impending change this yr and my vivid dreaming is intensified to an intense degree. Numbers in the dates are very significant. Any kind of heads up in any direction would be helpful. I can be reached at Appreciate any insight or help if at all possible. thanks Kim

  2. I came about the star Betelgeuse recently but there is not much info about it. Betelgeuse is in my chart at 28Gem24, my Saturn is 28Gem40, South node is 27Gem50 and antivertex 27Gem56. I cant figure out what implications that might have to my life, what kind of energies...?