Monday, June 24, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter moves into Cancer
June 25, 9:40pm EDT  

In many ways, Jupiter is uncomfortable in Gemini.  Jupiter is large and full of big opinions.   Jupiter likes to fly 30 thousand feet above, but Gemini likes to be in the nitty gritty.  He likes to be down with the people.  This is where he gets his curiosity piqued.   Being high on platitudes or philosophical is boring to Gemini.   And Gemini is loath to go out on limb with too many opinions, which Jupiter demands.     After all, Gemini knows better than anyone, ‘opinions are subject to change.”    Jupiter changes sign once a year and for the last year we have been experiencing Jupiter in Gemini.   And have you seen how media has gotten stuff wrong?  How about all the yellow journalism?  How about the early hours after the Boston bombing when various blogs and online newspapers were identifying innocent people as the bombers?  God knows the confusion out of Washington has not been pretty for the last year and during the campaign.  The lies by both parties was perfectly Gemini.  Clearly they were saying to everyone what they wanted to hear.  And now as we wrap up Jupiter in Gemini we learn about the NSA doing surveillance on everyone’s phone calls and emails.   And I’m not sure anyone even cares--- Ah perfectly Gemini.     But on June 25th, Jupiter will move into Cancer for a different experience.   The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was July 2001 through June 2002.  I remember it well since it changed signs on the day my son was born!   Of course Cancer is emotional and speaks to our family and the things we keep close to our heart.  Jupiter in Cancer wants to be cozy in a big way.   Jupiter in Cancer brings out our soft and tender.   It is the part of us that looks at another human and says, “Hey, I’m human, too.”  We will look for places to hide and we’ll want to be with people who feel like a family.  It will be an interesting time because we will want to retreat not just to hide but also to harness our emotions.   During the next year that Jupiter is in Cancer we will get a trine with Saturn and a trine with Neptune.   There will be some nice perks in the summer. 

Additional note: Jupiter rules laws and judges.  It is interesting that The Supreme Court is scheduled to have decisions on two Same Sex Marriage cases & Affirmative Action in Upper Education.    Will it happen early in the week when Jupiter is still in Gemini or will it be at the end of the week after Jupiter has moved into Cancer.   My guess, it will be late in the week and emotions will be high and low on the results.     

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