Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JFK: 50 years after Dallas

Well, I guess now is as good of time as any to take a look at JFK's astro chart.

I had forgotten that he had Libra rising.  It is indicated that the 3pm birth time is from memory.  I guess Kennedy must have said it to someone?  I'm not sure but it is more likely that he was not born straight at 3pm and was before or after it.   But I will trust it.

 I can see the Libra.   Long on charm, good looking and always trying to please both sides or two masters.  Ask the Freedom Riders how it felt having JFK not offer federal protection as they rode down to Alabama. Even though he hated bigotry and racism he did not want to lose southern democrat voters.  At that time before Johnson signed the equal rights bills, the south was primarily democratic--cuz as we all know Lincoln was a republican.  After a bloody arrival in Alabama, JFK finally had to send in federal troops.  
Kennedy's Libra also shows up with the dalliances, and the need for attention from the opposite sex.  And his very loaded eighth house. I'm sure he was like Hemmingway who it was said looked at every woman and pondered 'how to do her' including Gertrude Stein.   Anyway, with that kind of strong eighth house sex was on his mind 24-7.  Or at least under the surface.  It is a shame he had no acumen for business because that would have been good use of the eighth house.  Instead he went for the power and sex. And god knows it was exactly what got him through Cuban Missles Crises.

The Sun in Gemini, is all there with his legendary quick wit.  I still enjoy watching clips of his news conferences.   But his Sun in Gemini squares his Moon in Virgo and taking things at face value and remaining shallow speak to that aspect--aka Bay of Pigs.   The square also speaks to his compromised health (Virgo)
Saturn conjunct Neptune in 10th house spoke to elevated ideals.  The Space Program, the Peace Corps certainly speak to the inspiration of the aspect.

Thousands of astrologers have written about Dallas.  Google and you can find it.

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