Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Week Ahead

This week really is about the Full Moon which started on Sunday and is in effect the beginning of the week.   Do the work of the full moon, which you can find on my previous post.   At the end of the week we move into Disseminating with the accent on family and emotions.  

11/19: Mars/Jupiter: Actions  based on inspirations, warrior for big ideas. 
11/20: Mercury/Pluto: Exact thoughts, precision conversation.  No frills but it is okay.
November 21
11:37a EST
Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on:  What are you sharing with others that speaks to family?    How are you sharing your feelings?  By sharing what emotionally makes you tick how are you connecting with others?   What are others sharing with you?    

Special focus:
11/21: Sun enters Sag:  Amazon gift cards go far with your Sag friend.
11/21: Sun/Venus:  Actions that feel disconnected from love and value. But slogging through it anyway.

11/23: Venus/Saturn:  Working hard for love and values.  Love of practical.

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