Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scorpio New Moon 2013 Solar Eclipse

November 3 2013
7:49am EST

11 Scorpio 16

Well, Mercury being retrograde it took me up until the last moment for my time zone to get Scorpio New Moon up.    When you guys on the east coast wake up and enjoy that extra hour in your clock thanks to daylight savings time ending…you will find Scorpio New Moon waiting for you to read.

I like this 28 day cycle.  I'm very excited to use the energy to my own advantage I hope you do the same.  You will find my full report


but here is a snippet:

I was joking with a friend the other day that never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be salivating over Scorpio New Moons  for their ‘lightness’ but ever since Pluto and Uranus went into Capricorn and Aries, our Libra cycles have been so tense it makes me thrilled at the thought of Scorpio!    Luckily the charts for the Scorpio New Moons have  usually been full of positive aspects to give it a little extra boost and such is the case with this New Moon.

This Scorpio New Moon is also a solar eclipse.  The energy of an eclipse by itself can feel like a resurrection.   Darkness then light again.  What makes this one a little bit more intense is Scorpio is the sign of rebirth and so we are getting a double message of being born again.  Even if you have the most perfect life on the planet, during this Solar Eclipse there will be an impulse to see what is not working and consider how to jettison it or at the very least you will be doing something so that you are feeling renewed, refreshed or rebirthed. 

Scorpio is a water sign, our emotions will be strong and we will feel pulled or compelled to express ourselves or at the very least allow ourselves to emote.    On this New Moon there is no reason to continue any suppression.  The eclipse may point out that which is frozen or stagnant.  But it is not to point out a flaw just for sport, if we see where we are stuck or frozen will have the energy to do something about it.   Especially since Saturn and Mercury are in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon.    

We have discussed before that the image of Hoover Dam, where water pushes through huge turbines and generates so much power that millions of people have electricity is the exact energy of higher level Scorpio.    All that power from one river of water.      Of course when Scorpio misbehaves it thinks the worst of everyone and gets a knife or gun and kills a loved one over some perceived injustice.  Yep, emotions run-a-muck.   

Happily, in this Scorpio New Moon chart, with Saturn and Mercury in conjunction to Sun and Moon the accent is more likely to be on Hoover Dam than a reckless murderer.   Yeah!! 

Watch what comes up on New Moon and see how you are able to control your emotions.  Not freeze them but know exactly how you are choosing to emote. Emotions will serve us all.     

Also, the Sun and Moon are in sextile to Pluto and Mars so this is without a doubt going to be a 28 day cycle where we are going to put our emotions to work.  We won’t just be crying or yelling or bullying or victiming (not a word) for no good reason.  Every emotion will be helping us to a greater cause.  Ideally it will be helping us shed.   Scorpio is closely connected to the snake who sheds his skin and renewed every day to the phoenix who will rise from the ashes.

go to link for full write up.

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  1. Hmmm, my natal Neptune is at 3 degrees Sag. in the 10th house. Could be why my usual struggle with career/vocation has been boiling over lately. Thanks for the insight, Tracy. : )