Saturday, June 11, 2016

Astrology Looking Ahead

The Week Ahead

First off a shout out to my fellow moms….Welcome to Summer break .   Not having to make that long drive to school twice a day for three month…..I might cry real tears of joy having a break from that somewhat tedious slog.   Can I say that?   Yeah, I can. 

We move into the action phase of the Gemini Lunar cycle, which began about 8 days ago with the new phase.     On this particular first quarter moon we are focused on our daily life and our schedule what are we learning from it?

Neptune makes its annual retrograde turn on the 13th (see other post) .   On the 16th we move into Gibbous Phase as we refine our power.   Where do we need to be black and white.  What do we need to cut?   Where is death and rebirth? 

On the 17th we have round two of Saturn Square Neptune.  This journey started late last year and wraps up this fall.  See more about the energy of this aspect in separate post. 

First Quarter Moon
June 12, 2016
4:09am EDT

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your daily routines?  Do you have any?   Do they need an overhaul?  How are your habits serving our hurting you?   Where are you asleep at the wheel in regards to your habits and daily life?   What actions can you take that wake you up?

Special focus
6/12: Mercury enters Gemini
6/13: Neptune retrograde (see above)  

Gibbous Moon
June 16
7:00am EDT

Focus on:
What are you refining within your power?   What is the difference between power and empowerment?  Can you feel it?  How are you refining what you need to release?  How are you tying up any loose ends around money, banking, debts and taxes?  How are your refining your sex life?    What needs to die? What needs a rebirth?

Special Focus:
6/17:  Venus enters Cancer
6/17: Saturn Square Neptune (see above)

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