Saturday, June 11, 2016

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune retrograde
On June 13, Neptune turns retrograde. This is an annual event but it is curious (Gemini word) that Neptune will be going backwards when Saturn squares it on the 17th.    Hmm.  What have we forgotten about our humanitarianism?   How about our faith?  What have we lost about spirit?   When Neptune retreats our psyche slows down and we start picking up things we may have missed in the last year.   What does your intuition tell you?   Have you even been listening to your intuition?   There is a whole other world out there that can’t be smelled, tasted, felt, heard or seen.   Neptune knows that world very well and between now and November 20; watch and see what your radar picks up about your own ‘other world’.   There are gifts in the Universe that you may have missed.  Let Neptune tune you into those opportunities.

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