Monday, June 27, 2016

Mars Gets His Ass In Gear--finally

Mars Direct

Let’s go over the details again:
Feb 17 - Mars in shadow
April 17 – Mars retrograde 9 Sag
May 27 – Mars returns to Scorpio
June 29 –  Mars direct 23 Scorpio
August 2 Mars returns to Sag
August 22 Mars leaves shadow

On June 29 Mars will turn direct in Scorpio having been retrograde since April.   As we have discussed in previous reports Mars is normally in a sign for a couple weeks and then moves on.   With a retrograde he is in one or two signs for five months.   And I say, who doesn’t like filling a cavity without Novocain?   That’s what it feels like when Mars is retrograde.  But hurray, he will be going direct in this adaptable cycle.    Money and debt and taxes and sex have been in the quagmire for the last few months but after Mars turns direct we will all feel and see the energy shift.    Luckily we will have all of July to fix any left over Scorpio issues and we will do it pretty darn quick (remember it’s Mars) and then in August Mars returns to Sag for a couple more weeks of getting our adventurous spirit and education and philosophies energized.   For a more personal take as to what Mars is doing in the houses go here:

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