Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturn and Neptune

On June 17 
Saturn in Sag will exactly square Neptune in Pisces for the second time.  The final round will be September 10th.    The first round of this battle took place on November 27.  Since that time we began a cycle of walking our talk and defining truth.   Truth outside in the world and the truth held deep in our heart and subconscious.  Since then a number of you have been feeling your own psychic awareness increase.  Many of you are feeling more and more synchronistic.  You think about someone and they show up.  You wonder about a thing and if it would be good in your life and suddenly that thing is offered to you.  It just seems as if you are put in the right place at the right time.   Feels like Dharma.   And sure there are also those moments where it seems to be the wrong time and wrong place.  Feels like karma.    And it is my opinion THAT is why god in his infinite wisdom not only gave us the second Saturn square Neptune during the Gemini cycle, he also made sure that the Sun and Moon were in aspect with Saturn and Neptune.  Obviously, we are getting this lesson come hell or high water.    The lesson is: ADAPT or pay a price. 

If you want to be in sync with life and feel the flow from your heart and the universe (Neptune in Pisces) you need to pull back the righteousness.  The know it all.  The shoot from your hip.  The blow hard--in short, the Saturn in Sag.     And you need to consider the beliefs inside you.     Case in point, if you believe life is hard (and you live in the first world not third world).   You are right.  Life is hard.  But what if you dare to shift off that calcified opinion and changed it to “life is an adventure” you may have a different experience.   Seriously, it may be different.    Can you do it?  Can you shift that opinion?   And if not, why are you resistant?    These questions speak to Gemini.    Gemini is all about questions.   He asks. He pokes. He prods.    Use the Gemini energy to help you process the Saturn/Neptune Square. 

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