Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Astrology This Week

This Astrology Week

I apologize for not getting this up yesterday.  I was juggling a lot over here and actually I still look like a clown in a circus with so many balls in the air, but I wanted to get this out there for you.

As of this writing, we are still on first quarter moon.   Back on New Moon, September 30, we launched our skills at negotiating, finding balance, values, charm, inner and outer beauty and femininity.   Now on first quarter we are ACTING again on these Libra issues.   And in particular, using all of the above to help our place in the world.   Some of us may even feel > less than or insecure about all of the above as manifested in career or again, how the world responds to us.    It is a little cranky tension.  For sure. 

Focus on:  What actions can you take that push your career forward? How do you and your partner support each other’s career? How are you and your partner like a CEO in each other’s lives?  How would you benefit by a partner in your career?   Are you prepared to act on it?     

Special focus
10/10:  Mercury/ Venus, tough language and hard thinking about creativity, money and love.
10/11: Venus/Jupiter.  Creativity and resources are stretched.  Over indulgence.   Being too big and paying a price on love and money. 
10/11: Mars/Neptune.  Actions based on faith are highlighted.  Actions based on helping humanity.  Actions based on Creativity.

Gibbous Moon
October 12
5:18pm  EDT

Focus on:
What needs to be refined about your faith?  How are you refining spirit in your life?  How are you refining religion in your life?  How are you refining meditation  or your psychic ability?   How are you refining your contemplative nature?  How does your partner support your faith? 

Special Focus:
10/15:  Sun/Uranus. Breathroughs or breakdowns.  Creativity or chaos.  Partners are stretched.   Tension in partnerships.  Independence versus being a duo.
10/15: Mercury SQ Pluto.  Deep thinking. Dark conversation.  Black and white thinking.   Suspicious thinking.   Manipulative words.

FULL MOON arrives on September 16.  That post will follow.

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