Monday, October 31, 2016

This Week Astrology

This week in Astrology. 

We are still basking in the radiance that is yesterday’s new moon.   Every day during the new 3 day phase we plant seeds that support the energy of Scorpio.  In the middle of the week we move into crescent phase where we look at our education not just what we did in school but also the bigger picture of education, our beliefs, our opinions etc.    

But until we get to Crescent lets run with the new phase.  Death and rebirth.  Death and rebirth....lather rinse repeat.   

This focus:  What needs to be released?  What needs to die so something new can be born?  How are you finding your empowerment by releasing the need to control?  Where do you need to harness power to empower your own metamorphosis?    How are you living the serenity prayer? 

Special Focus:
11/1: Sun/Neptune: Inspired. Mystical. Creative.  Gentleness.  Humanitarianism.
11/1: Mars/Neptune:  Actions not based on Faith. Faith not backed by actions.  Or misguided actions abound.  

Crescent Moon Phase
November 3, 2016
4:49 pm EDT

Focus on: What are you learning about your education? What are you learning about things or people who are foreign?  What are you learning about your opinions and philosophies?  What are you learning about faith? 

Special Focus:
11/4: Venus/Uranus:  Love is electrified.  Dynamic creativity.  Values get a boost out of the blue.
11/7: Sun/Pluto.  Death and rebirth seem easy.  Letting go in order to find new.   Empowerment comes from going down deep and finding it.  And it is not too hard.


  1. Thank you for another great article. The timing and message are fantastic for me right now :) I'm a long time reader and just want to let you know how much I appreciate the information you share.