Saturday, October 8, 2016

This Astrology Week for Donald J Trump

Real simple math.  Jupiter square Mercury no bueno for a man running for President of the United States. Well, specifically a man running for President who has difficulty holding his tongue.  And Trump is in it in October. 

We discussed in July that in fall both Jupiter and Mars would be in harsh aspect with many of Trump’s planets and his knee jerk reactions would have to be tempered.  This is quite a challenge for someone who says and does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, 24/7.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune is in effect in October for Trump, in the summer I suggested the more uplifted traits of the aspect but now it is difficult to see people of faith, which is ruled by Neptune, supporting a lot that has transpired with him since the fat shame bullying of Ms Universe and now the Billy Bush video.  Neptune rules Pisces, which is on the cusp of Trump’s 8th house that rules, power, sex & taxes and of course the NYTimes released the tax record in the last week.  It is interesting he is double downing this week on the witch hunt he lead on the Central Park Five teenagers who were exonerated.  Seriously, you don’t need to be a professional astrologer to follow these aspects and put up against his choices of late.    Google 'Jupiter conjunct Neptune' or 'Jupiter square Mercury' or 'Mars oppose' anything.   The lesson of learning to say, “I was wrong” which leans into Jupiter/Neptune appears to be a nasty challenge for DJT.   

However, it should be noted, Jupiter can be a doorway even if it is a painful door way.  Perhaps DJT will exit the campaign and process the other trait of the 8th house – death with rebirth.  Perhaps he’ll leave the race and move on with his life  where he can enjoy some of the beneficial aspects?    Or not, and we just all publicly watch sausage get made during rough aspects.     

Here's what is in play as written back in July:
October:  Uranus sextile Sun, a boost from an unusual resource.  Faith offers a gift.  Spirituality and designated groups help.
October: Mars square Neptune:   Actions that cause confusion.  Actions that are based on confusion. What is desired may not come to fruition.   
October:  Mars oppose Mercury.  Mouthy.  Sharp comments.  Ego high.  Communication very sharp. 
October: Jupiter square Mercury.  Opinions out there big time.  Embolded with ideas and communication.   Ideas overiding realism.  Out over the skis.  
October:  Jupiter conjunct Neptune.  Money and resources appears to widen.  Power from a new source appears to show up.   These bounties may be real but they may be viewed with rose colored glasses and will not live up to expectations. 
October: Mars square Chiron.  Healing is hard.  Deep insecurities are pushed.  Bad habits come up and are processed.   Creativity and love feel threatened.   Trying to hang on to assets is difficult.   
October:  Jupiter sextile Pluto.  Boost of confidence. Serious internal look at what works and what does not work. Making changes. 
October: Mars square Jupiter.  Outside actions push on beliefs.  Over reacting and ego outbursts while processing new belief system  Dramatic and creative moves feel out of whack.  Actions don't seem to work.   
October - November:  Mars opposition Saturn.  Feeling stuck and blocked.  Working through hurdles feels overwhelming.  Energy going forward feels like cold water is splashed on it. 
October - November.  Mars trine MC.  Feeling vitality about position in the world.  Feeling like all things are going into place. 
October - November:  Mars opposition Venus.  Conflicts with women.   Actions based on love can feel in conflict with groups of people. 
November:  Uranus square Saturn.   Conflicts both internal and external.  Groups of people in conflict changes to go forward.   Challenged between actions that are outrageousness versus measured.   

November - December:  Saturn in opposition to Uranus.   Restructioning, building up, starting from the ground up.  Freedom feels thwarted.   

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