Monday, May 1, 2017

Astrology This Week May 1 - May 6

The week starts off in Crescent Phase.     This Crescent we are learning about communication.   How is our communication?  How are others communicating with us?  What news or information are we learning even if it is not being said?  What is the Universe telling us?    We are also learning about our flexibility?  What are we learning about spontaneity? How is it important?   Do we bring in spontaneity or do we let the Universe do it for us?    

First Quarter Moon
May 2, 2017 
10:48pm  EDT

We move into First Quarter Moon on May 2 where we access our strength, pride and bold creativity.      On May 3, Mercury finally turns direct.   What a process we have been experiencing for the last three weeks!!   Also on the 3rd, there is a lovely aspect between Sun and Neptune.  We feel hopeful, we feel inspired we feel we are on the right side of something.  

Focus on:  How is your pride motivating you?  How are you using strength and moving forward?   Where do you need to be practical about your creativity? 

Special focus
5/3: Mercury Direct 24 Aries 15.   12:32pm EDT
5/3 Sun sextile Neptune.  Inspired, creative, beauty is easily access. 

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