Monday, May 29, 2017

This Week in Astrology

This Week in Astrology

The Gemini New Moon launched on May 25.   As we discussed, this is a huge communication 29 cycle.   Very big.    What info are you receiving?   What information are you handing out?   The point of this period is to get out of our ruts.   We reach out to others and others reach out to us.  A phone call, a text, a talk with a neighbor a sibling…be prepared to get and give info.   
This week starts with the Crescent phase, which is coincidentally the communication phase of the 29 cycle.  That means communication squared.     Got it. 

In the middle of the week we move into First quarter moon.  We are done getting informed, now we are doing actions.   In this case we are focused on strength and courage and bravery.

As we head toward the end of the week we will feel the Sun and Neptune starting to get into it.    The Sun builds to a square with Neptune on June 3.   Gemini Sun square Neptune in Pisces---How do you say liars?   And how about the liars and the lies they tell us?   Or are we lying?  Or are we pretending someone is not lying to us?     You might want to ask why.   Or not.  

Crescent Moon Phase
Started --May 28, 8:18pm EDT

Focus on: What are you about your strength and courage? What are you learning about bravery?  What are you learning about braggarts?  What are you learning about creativity and drama?   What are you learning about the power of flair?

5/29: Mars oppose Saturn.  Actions feel restricted.   Bouncy movements that are all over the place are thwarted.   Nervous energy comes up. 
5/31: Mercury trine Pluto.  Powerful thinking that has the ability to transform areas that are ‘stuck.’

First Quarter Moon
June 1, 2017 
8: 42 am EDT

Focus on:  How is your calendar motivating you?  How is your daily life, the ins and outs motivation for flexibility?   How do you need to shake off some of your bad habits?  How do you replace with new good habits? 

Special focus
6/1  Venus Trine Saturn:  Love & Money feel supported.  Structuring values.   Building values up. 
6/2 Sun semi square Uranus:  Rebels that are not helpful.   A bit of chaos can cause big problems in communication.
6/3 Sun Square Neptune.   Take note of lies.  Take note of crazy talk. Take note of disconnects from reality.
6/4 Mars enter Cancer

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    (Od 8. pa do 10.junija 2018)

    Na hipodromu Polena v Lenartu v Slovenskih goricah se bo v času od petka, 8. pa vse do nedelje, 10.junija 2018 odvijala že 6. lenarška jagnjijada.
    Na tej jagnjijadi si bo mogoče privoščiti sveže pečeno jagnjetino, ovčje klobase, ovčji sir. Na tem sejmu si bo mogoče ogledati prikaz striženja ovac, kupiti bo bilo mogoče tudi izdelke iz ovčje volne.
    Sejem bo odprt te 3 dni od 9. pa do 19. ure.