Sunday, May 7, 2017

Astrology this Week

This Week

We start the week off in Gibbous Moon.   It’s all about relationships.

Focus on:
What needs fixing in your relationships?  What have you been neglecting in your relationships?  Where do you need to fix balance in your life? 

Special Focus:
5/9: Sun trine Pluto:  Rebirth, renewal, transformation is easy.
5/9: Mercury conjunct Uranus.  Brilliant thinking.  Mental lightening strikes.  Break throughs. 

 We move into Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th.
A longer post will follow in the meantime remember…. 

Focus on:   Full Moon in Scorpio.   How is transformation manifesting in your life? Where do you feel trapped?   How are fears holding you down?   What is it you need to let go of to be liberated? 

Special focus:
5/11  Mars Square Neptune:  Unusual actions.  Fuzzy actions.  Unconscious movements.  
5/11  Mercury Trine Saturn:  Solid thoughts.   Structure that make sense.   Sharp thinking that is very productive.
5/11. Mars trine Jupiter.  Actions that broaden your world.   Reaching out and making moves based on learning something. 

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