Monday, May 8, 2017

Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon
May 10, 2017
5:42 PM EDT

As in life, Full Moons need to be taken in bigger context to be fully understood.    In the case of this week’s Scorpio Full Moon, there is a lot of potent planetary aspects.

Here’s the run up.  
On May 9 The Sun trines Pluto.    At the same time Mercury gets on top of Uranus.    Then Leo Full Moon on the 10th followed by Mars square Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn and Mars Trine Jupiter all on the 11th. 

That is a lot of sturm und drang now add Scorpio full moon with emphasis on death and rebirth or transformation.  And if you know anything about transformation or rebirth then you know that also brings sturm and drang!

Going in deep, Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn suggests a practical desire to transform (there’s that word again) that compels us to a higher strata or status.   Now don’t get all caught up in the word ‘status’ fearing people will think you are a friend of the Kardashians---this is based on YOUR own desire to move up.   Meaning if a move up means more time to exercise or more travel time with your family or yes, more money, whatever ‘higher strata’ or status means to you that’s where Pluto and Saturn will drive the show.   What practical paths (Taurus Sun) do you need to find or follow to get to your transformation?
If you are not sure, then let Mercury and Uranus point the way.   Uranus is lightening bolts, electricity, brilliance and rebellion.  And also freak shows.   Mercury speaks to our minds and thoughts and Mercury is how we communicate.   We should all be prepared for something wildly odd to pop up in our thoughts and in our communication on the same day that transformational waves are lapping on our shores.    Wow.   Tuesday is a natural set up for Wednesday’s full moon.     We know we need to shift and the universe is sending us prompts.  Big time.      

Then after the full moon peaks we have Mars, the planet of action get super wobbly due to Neptune.   Neptune brings things from the unknown, it is the connection to our psyche and to things unworldly.   We could find our movements stalled as we are unsure what move to make.   And maybe slowing down and being unsure is not such a bad thing as we figure out our paths.   Maybe it is good to slow down and let our intuition talk to us.    Also, Mercury trine Saturn is all about figuring out stuff.  Saturn is nuts and bolts, being practical and assessing how to deal with responsibility.   Our To-Do list may shift on the spot as Saturn tells the brain, “Hey something is important over there and we can accomplish something decent if we just do ____”    Like I said, we could have some on the spot changes pop up.    And finally Mars will also be in harmony with Jupiter which will be energizing our desire to broaden our horizon.   Things from another place or another culture could turn up that could be very helpful.   

It is worth mentioning that Moon in Scorpio besides being connected to death and rebirth (transformation) it is also connected to spy vs spy, espionage, sex, scandal, cover up, things on the dark side,  things corrupt, crime,  money laundering and mobsters.     Watch the news.

This is a potent week and Full Moon, rich with opportunities.   Make the most of it and we’ll discuss next week! 


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