Monday, September 17, 2018

Astrology This Week

Astrology This Week
This week starts off with First Quarter moon in the broadening sign of Sagittarius.   Our judgments may need fine-tuning.  Our –inner-know-it-all may need to get quiet as we sort through some of our opinions and figure which ones are ‘off’. 

The 18thhas Mars Square Uranus.   Disruptions are in the air. Things are moving fast.   People are finding their soul brothers and sisters while others are trying build something up.  Good luck. Anger is everywhere. 

First Quarter Moon 

September 16
7:14pm EDT 

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to building bridges?  What actions are you taking that expand your world?  How are you actions based on your prejudices?  How are your opinions pushing you to take action?  

Special focus
9/18: Mars Square Uranus: Disruptive anger agitated actions cloaked in stubborn pig headedness.  
9/20: Sun conjunct Mercury:  Creative thinking, focus on details is easy and inspiring.  

Gibbous Moon
September 20, 2018 
10:24 PM EDT 


Focus on: 

How are you refining your friends?  How are you refining your associations with groups of people?  How are you refining your brilliance?  How are you refining your iconoclastic nature?  How are you refining break through. 

Special focus: 
9/21: Mercury enters Libra.  Balanced thinking. Give & Take communication.  
9/22: Sun enters Libra 
9/23: Mercury square Saturn. Cold thoughts.  Relationships feel like they need a lot of work.   Hard work feels like it needs support. 
9/23: Mercury trine Mars.  Thinking about partners and friends and f finding balance with both. 

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