Sunday, September 23, 2018

Aries Full Moon. Get Your Kevlar

Aries Full Moon
September 24
10:52pm EDT 
1 Aries 59 

It is a wee bit of a stormy moon.   Actually this is one muther of an Aries full moon. 

Fighters will be fighting. Lovers will be fighting.  Monks who take vows of silence will be fighting.  Yeah, it’s that kind of moon.   Aries’ energy is about pushing and shoving and getting what it needs, come hell or high water and that’s on a good day.  But with this Full Moon there is a harsh aspect with Saturn who is trying to restrict Aries.  Remember, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is very much about survival.  If you have ever seen a baby being born you know there is a lot of work involved in birth and survival.   So, imagine in the struggle of something being born or breaking through and right in the middle of it someone steps in and stops it all or restricts it or says, “Hold on.”    Well, let’s face it people will get pissed.   For three days of the full moon there will be restrictions and push back on some actions that you or others are trying to move ahead.   Maybe it will be power plays at work or fisticuffs at the grocery store.    Tension is high this full moon.  Watch your driving! 

What is curious is that at the same time Saturn is squaring off with the Full Moon, the Moon is also on top of Chiron in Aries while the Sun trines Mars who Aries natural ruler.  There is something about fighting for survival that is healing.    The action of pushing back is healing.   Old wounds deep in our psyche that have somehow held us back are up for actions that heal.    Where should we have fought in our past but somehow didn’t do it? Where should we have pushed back but didn’t do it?  How is a wet blanket healing?   How is hard fighting healing?  Finding our passion or anger but being sober about it is the lesson in this mix for deep healing.  

Moon oppose Mercury suggests communication that feels at conflict with emotions.  Perhaps all the drama we are feeling internally cannot be expressed because it is not “polite”?  

Uranus has a small aspect with the Sun that is supportive.   Watch for something odd to fall into place and it is the perfect solution.   Weird is our answer when things get tough.   Celebrating the unique when it shows up is healing. 

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