Saturday, September 22, 2018

Pluto Direct: September 30

Pluto Direct 
September 30 
18 Cap 45 
10:03 pm

On Sep 30 Pluto ends its yearly retrograde period.  This is around our tenth Pluto Retrograde in earth sign Capricorn and there is something about each one that feels like digging out of a hole. 

Remember, Pluto retrograde is the outermost planet and is not like Mercury or Venus retrogrades.  Those planets are IN-YOUR-FACE when retrograde since they are inner planets and really know how to get our attention.   The outer planet retrogrades are more nuanced.  We feel them in subtle ways perhaps we have a slight recurring theme during retrograde (especially if it touches a planet in aspect) where we find ourselves saying or feeling ‘that issue again?’   And we can’t quite put an answer together but when  Pluto retrograde ends we realize, “wait a minute was I digging a hole all this time?” The good news is we get the direct motion to reassess.  

What did you learn about power since Pluto station retrograde April 22?   What did you  learn about empowerment?    Have you been bullied  Have you been a bully?   How has the outer world order been in alignment with your needs?  How have you navigated systems that are in place?  Have you fallen through a crack?  Have you figured out a stopgap measure so it does not happen again?   How have you manipulated others?   How have others manipulated you?   What are you thinking about getting rid of because it just takes too much effort and keeps you from your real goals?   What needs to die so something new can be reborn?
Pluto will spend the next 7 months in direct motion. Once it crosses the 20thdegree it will move into the final decan of Capricorn.   Pluto in these degrees (20-29) is a little lighter than the earlier degrees.  Although nothing is that light with Capricorn who is so focused on responsibility.  However we will see how communication is critical in these next seven months in particular how we express order and discipline and responsibility.  

Take time to consider all you learned since April 22. What have we seen in our own world or with others that help us find our way in the world?   How do we benefit by communicating this information?  

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