Monday, September 3, 2018

Saturn Direct September 6

If Saturn Was A Cat  
(who ever took this photo-- thank you)

Saturn stations Direct 

September 6
7:08am EDT 
2 Cap 32 

Saturn went into Capricorn in December (2017) and of course Saturn loved the move into its home sign.    

Capricorn is all about career and for some people when Saturn began its transit in Capricorn they looked around at their career and thought, “Man this is not fitting me anymore.”    It is not easy just switching from dentist to Yellowstone Tour Guide and not everyone is capable of doing a big left or right turn in his or her career.  But when Saturn turned retrograde on April 17 we began the process of wondering if the land underneath our career is stable.  

Maybe it no longer matches whatever is going on internally with us.  Perhaps we have matured into a new person and that place we go five days a week is not fitting this new person.    And if our career continues to be a fine fit maybe we are looking at other areas of our life that don’t feel like they are on stable ground.  

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn goes in deep with our insecurities.  Not to give us an excuse to freak out but more about doing the hard work of fixing the things that need repair.  Astrologer Steven Forrest has a funny catchphrase about Saturn transits he says, “You have two choices you can be depressed or you can be exhausted.”    Of course that sounds like unpleasant choices but it really is fitting because if you are depressed it means you need to do the hard work of fixing something, which can be exhausting.  

However, it is a good exhaustion that comes from the feeling of being focused and responsible for doing the work come hell or high water.   At the end of this retrograde we may have some accomplishments that we can take a moment and say, “Great”.   For many others we may know that we still have work in front of us and perhaps Saturn stationing direct will give us the push we need to go back to our goals. There is also the possibility that Saturn turning direct will tell us to cut our losses and not look back.   Not to be harsh but more as being prudent and practical and mature.   Sometimes it is just better to abandon in place and move on.   

Lots to ponder as Saturn straightens out.......



  1. Thanks. With my moon in Cap opposite my Sun and Saturn in Cancer, I'm both depressed and exhausted. Lol Ready for a change, but Saturn will be conjunct my moon again soon. Relief is a few months away.

    1. as one with sun saturn conjunction less than 1 degree! I feel you, sister. We will survive!