Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Jupiter Sextile Pluto - September 12

The Final Jupiter Sextile Pluto 

Jupiter sextile Pluto 
September 12 
3:55am EDT 

This is the only major aspects in 2018 and it has been going on all year. The first hit was January 15, followed by the second one April 14 and now we are at the final round on September 12.    In terms of major aspects sextiles are arguably lighter than other aspects but this one packs a punch since we have been experiencing it all year. And now this final round arrives after a hideous summer of astro energies so we are all ready for the help of Jupiter and Pluto.   There is extra juju with this final round because as we discussed Pluto and Jupiter are also working with the Sun and Moon and it arrives in the final hours of New Moon.  Jupiter & Pluto know how to get our attention. 

Jupiter and Pluto are entering the scene like superheroes where they are a team with each other and helping the New Moon.  Again, Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will offer doorways that speak to our psyche and help us on our hero path.   Author Joseph Campbell defined the hero journey as the following: 

The hero (whether he looked like one or not) hears a calling to do something.  At first glance it appears like a normal  task but then quickly it reveals to be something way more challenging.  Usually, the hero will refuse to do it but then someone tugs or someone appears (think Yoda) and says “You know you gotta to do it”. The hero takes a big sigh and agrees to the journey.  Now he is in brand new territory he is past the world that he has ever known (think Jack up the beanstalk) and in this new world a part of him must die because it does not fit in this new land, thus a transformation is taking place (Jonah in the whale, Moses up the mountain).   In this initiation period there will be tests and trials, many that are failed, people will appear some will be helpful some will not but all the time the hero has to find his inner metal.  He learns what he is made from.  As the tests continue he is no longer a person having stuff happen to him he is now on a purpose very aware what is in front of him and takes the challenges to answer this calling now awoke in him.   Once this journey is over and he has found enlightenment he does not return to the ordinary world that he left he is now on a new plane.   If he returns he is a leader and serves or he moves on with his skills to a new territory where he is prepared and confident that he will be able to handle any challenges.   

That in a very small thumbnail is a hero journey. So, Why am I spending this time explaining this to you? 

Well the better question to ask is have you been experiencing a Superhero journey this year and didn’t know it?   What started in January?  Was there a revisit in April?  And what has this summer been like for you?  Were you out in the woods alone in some way?  Perhaps on a strange planet like Luke Skywalker?   Now as we experience the final hit we may be well served to see it through the lens of the hero journey and realize we are on the other side or perhaps have a bit more to do on our journey but we must pick up our light saber and do the daily work.    After all this final aspect lands in the last hours of Virgo New Moon. 

And like all super hero stories it is good to know the context to find the importance.   The Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect does not come up often.  There will be one hit in 2022, 2030 and 2035.   The next time we get a round of three again will be 2043.  Alas, in 2043 some of us will be old enough to be Yoda and our Luke days will be way behind us. 

Make the most of this energy.  

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