Monday, November 12, 2018

Astrology This Week

This Week

We are in the Crescent Phase of the moon, which hangs in the sky like a golden welcoming hand.  We learn information during Crescent phases of the 29-day cycle on this particular 3.5 day period is informing us about our place in the world.  Mars enters Pisces.  Mars is a fast moving planet but given 2018's retrograde it has been awhile since Mars was in Pisces (Dec 2016-Jan 2017).  Our sensitivity to others will uptick.  Our drive for humanitarian issues we get our energy.   Creativity, religion and woo-woo will also get our attention.  Oh, and yeah, the crazies will be a bit louder and noisier.  Okie dokey.  

Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to your executive abilities?  What information are you learning that suggests your inner CEO needs to come out more?  What information are you learning that speaks to you building something with more structure?  

Special Focus
11/15: Mars enters Pisces 

We move into First Quarter Moon where we will be pushed into actions that join us with our friends and groups of like minded for 3.5 days.   During this phase two planets make a change in direction, Venus turns direct and Mercury turns retrograde.   Lessons learned from Venus’s retrograde for the last six weeks that speak to your values will now begin to roll out just in time for our brain to slow down.   It is as if the Universe gave us a new powerful car through Venus but before we get to turn it on—we have to get a  3 week driving lesson.      Big week.   

First Quarter Moon 
November 15
9:54am EST 

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that support groups of people? What actions are you taking that help lead others to their own empowerment?   What actions are you taking that help transform groups of like-minded people? 

Special focus
11/16: Venus station direct 25 Libra (see separate post) 
11/16: Mercury stations retrograde 13 Sag 29 (see separate post) 

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