Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mercury Turns Retrograde November 16

November 16 8:33pm EST 

Mercury retrograde dates
October 28 Shadow 
November 16 Mercury retrograde 13 Sag 29
December 1 Mercury re-enters Scorpio 
December 6 Mercury direct  27 Scorpio 16
December 12 Mercury re-enters Sag 
December 24 shadow ends 

The final round of Mercury retrograde for 2018 will begin on November 16 at 13 Degrees of Sag and then will turn direct at 27 Scorpio on December 6.    This Mercury retrograde may be a bit more challenging than the other ones from earlier in the year because of Neptune.  Neptune who is full of hocus pocus is in square with Mercury.   This mercury retrograde will have us all taking a second look at our opinions and philosophy and BIG Ideas.   Are those opinions based in fact or fiction?   Neptune loves to gaslight us when we drift too far from facts.   If you find yourself getting too worked up during this retrograde, double check if you are being influenced by something that is not based in logic.   Stay away from gossip and zealots.   There will be liars.   They may show up at the beginning of the retrograde or they could start their deceit after Dec 1 when Mercury returns to Scorpio.   The lying will be based on power issues and of course any Mercury retrograde in Sag is full of exaggeration!   Tread carefully as you hear a lot of stuff that just is not accurate.  But in the end, our belief system will be intact when the retrograde is over on December 6 and we may have all learned something about our opinions and beliefs and when is it appropriate to share any of it by the time Mercury returns to Sag on December 12th

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