Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Jupiter In Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius
November 8 2018 7:38am – December 2 2019

Bountiful Jupiter moves into Sagittarius the day after the launch of Scorpio New Moon.  When he leaves mysterious dark Scorpio for life-of-the-party Sag we will notice it right away since Jupiter is the biggest planet of the zodiac and has one huge gravitational pull.   It may feel like there is abundance and goodwill in the air, perhaps as if it is Christmas in November.   This is due in part because Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign.  “Hey, Everyone I’m back! Let’s get this party started!”  

The last time Jupiter was in Sag was between November 2006 and Dec 2007.   You may want to consider what was going on for you then and see if you revisit some of those experiences this cycle.   Think of it like you took a class in 2006-07 and now you are going in for part two of that class.   Jupiter is the planet of education and philosophy and the word ‘jovial’ comes from Jupiter’s first roman name Jove.  There is some fun in learning and opening up to new experiences and learning about others.    Travel can be a highlight during this period. Jupiter loves to do things big! So you probably were ‘big’ about something 12 years ago during the last cycle and you may revisit it again this year. 

For those of us who were paying attention, we know that the real estate market and easy money and other markets got overheated during Jupiter’s Sag run in 06-07 and everything came crashing down in 2008 when Jupiter was in sensible Capricorn.   Let this be a warning to all of us as Jupiter returns to the party we may or may not want to be as indulgent as we were in the past.   We will talk more about Jupiter as it transits through Sag and makes aspects with other planets including a square with Neptune in January, June and September.     This could bring out some buyers’ remorse on some issues.   One does not want to be too exuberant with this aspect.  Managing our ‘joy’ is probably the sanest move.  But at the end of the day Jupiter in Sag square Neptune in Pisces is a test of faith aspect.   Watch for zealots!    

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