Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gemini Full Moon. November 22/23

Gemini Full Moon
November 23, 2018
12:39am EST
0 Gemini 52 

Who invited the pirate? 

Gemini Full Moon can be a fun moon with a spin on light chit- chat.  It is a moon that likes to “pollinate” information, getting and giving bits of data. If this information is helpful, is determined by the rest of the chart.  In this case Mars in Pisces is squaring Sun and Moon and Jupiter.   Mars is funny when he is in Pisces as he is a bit of a swashbuckler Pirate although where he is heading nobody knows including him.   He’s riding up and down the waves with his sword in his hand compelled to do ...just something. 

The three-day full moon could have communication that is both forceful and fuzzy.   Additionally, Mercury the ruler of Gemini is retrograde putting more emphasis on miscommunication.  During this three -day Full Moon when you are told information please consider the source.  Ask where it originated.   Do not take anything important that is told to you at face value.   It may be accurate but you would be well served to double check through your own sources.   And the same goes with what you tell others.   Be thoughtful before you speak.   Slow down!  

Jupiter who is in his home sign of Sagittarius is on top of the Sun and opposing the moon so he is bringing his own skills of embellishment and exaggeration to the full moon phase.  Oh, boy, that’s an understatement. 
In the USA this Full Moon launches Thanksgiving evening (23rdfor EST). Stories around the dinner table could be a bit more large and exaggerated and whether anyone wants to take on the person telling the yarns will be between them and their maker.  It could be a bruiser with some huff and puff and walk out---remember that Pirate is sitting at the table with you.    

This Full Moon also coincides with Black Friday and sales could be record high with Jupiter in the mix.  A word of warning if you really must scratch the itch and go buy a bunch of stuff double check your budget. Assess all your payments that will be due in December and pay with cash, this is the only way to curb Jupiter’s propensity for over doing it.  He is just so dang exuberant.   You might be better served going out on some adventure.  Not a high- risk adventure but just one that opens up your world. 

In general, if you want to make the most out of this Gemini full moon who arguably is one of the most gifted signs in its ability to talk to anyone (along with Sagittarius), seek to connect with others through humanitarian actions or conversations.   Find the human wherever you are even if it is that crazy uncle who you just can’t stand, look for the human.   Jupiter is a bridge that brings us together with others who stand in some faraway land even if it is a mile from our home.   This journey with Jupiter in Sag lasts a year and it has just begun and how interesting it is in aspect with this full moon at the beginning of its journey.  The Universe is getting our attention.  Let’s remember  we are learning a lesson when we find our bridge through humanity.    Ahoy, mate and remember to pass the peace, please. 


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