Sunday, March 29, 2020

Astrology This Week ; March 30 Week

Astrology of The Week 

Here on planet Covoid 19 we remain in our houses practicing social distancing and of course leaning into Saturn in Aquarius and all his isolation—but that’s why god created Zoom.  It is so perfect for this ERA.  

We have moved out of the New Phase of Aries and are in the Crescent moon.   For those people who still haven’t gotten their Treasure Map made you still have time!  Please do it. 

This week we have more bumpy planetary action. 
Mars leaves Capricorn and into Aquarius on Monday(12:43pm PDT) and then immediately conjuncts Saturn on Tuesday (11:31am PDT).   Testiness will be acute.  Cyber crisis probably also in the mix along with all the Covid 19 issues.   Saturn is the planet of timing and Mars may accelerate timelines.   Cyber meetings kicking up no doubt.   Demand on the cloud might be problematic.   

We move into First Quarter Moon on Wednesday with accent on family and on feelings.  Perhaps there is a peeling down to a new feeling inside us that has been out of view for awhile.   

This week prepares us for the weekend where on April 4 which is loaded down with Jupiter/Pluto aspect and then Mars/Uranus the following week on the 7th .   Let’s get this week figured out and then we’ll tackle next week.   

Be safe.   Stay home.  

Crescent Moon Phase
March 28, 5:18am PDT

Focus on: What are you learning about finances?  What are you learning about your values?  What are you learning about practicality?  What are you learning about building something slow and steady?  

Special Focus

3/28: Venus trine pluto.  Transformation.  Values, love, money get a new path.   A practical approach creates a more abundant path as long as something is released.  
3/30:  Mars enters Aquarius 
3/31: Mars conjunct Saturn.  A new energy to structure.  New buildings, projects, focused energy.   Any loss gets a new warrior.   

First Quarter Moon 
April 1, 2020 3:31am PDT   
11:57 am PST 

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your family?  What actions are taking that speak to your feelings?  What action are you taking that speak to harnessing your emotions?  

Special Focus:
4/3: Venus enters Gemini
4/3 Mercury conjunct Neptune: Soft, muted, fuzzy thinking.  Conversation very fuzzy.  Faith and spirituality are welcomed but not delusions.     
4/4: Venus trine Saturn.  Love, money, values get structures that work.   Commitments to values is accented.  

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