Monday, March 30, 2020

Jupiter conjunct Pluto: April 4 -- Steroids and flashlight


Jupiter conjunct Pluto 
April 4 7:44pm PDT 

When historians of astrology look back on Covid 19 and the economic ramifications they will point to: 
January 10 Solar Eclipse 
January 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto 
April 4 Jupiter conjunct Pluto 
Mars transiting Capricorn 

As we indicated in previous reports Jupiter was in Capricorn in 2008 when the economy crashed.   Jupiter struggles in Capricorn (its fall) because its bigness is so big and Capricorn is so constricted and reserve.  Imagine the biggest personality you know and now put him/her in a restricted environment.  Hard to get them to be productive and not just throw plates against a wall.    So, Jupiter brings his bigness to restriction, thus a crash in markets.  We had it in 2008. Since December Jupiter has been grinding its way to Pluto and we have seen a volatility to the market as extremes as Jupiter is big.   Pluto is a planet of death and rebirth, power, corruption, evolution (and viruses btw) and in Capricorn which connects to social order and status, government, big business and systems.   Cracks in the system are there for everyone to see since Jupiter has been bringing its huge flashlight and steroids.  Now as it heads to April 4 it has a little more energy because Saturn left Capricorn last week and Jupiter is heading to Pluto without a minder putting a thumb on him.  We should prepare for perhaps a bit of relief,  but we would be also wise to prepare for a compounding of the dystopic landscape we are already experiencing.   Big death, Big cracks, Big weaknesses.   Once we get past the conjunction Jupiter will continue on its merry way  until it retrogrades and hits Pluto again June 30 and Nov 12.  In meantime we slog out Mars getting into a tussle with Uranus (separate post).     On May 15 Jupiter retrogrades until September 13.   We may see a revisit of issues from now presenting again in summer and early fall.   However, at that time we will have all our eyes on Mars retrograde in Aries where the pirate/warrior will be up everyone’s grill.   Arghh. 

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