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Saturn in Aquarius. New Work - March 21

Saturn in Aquarius 

Written February 23, 2020 

March 21(8:58pm PDT):  Saturn enters Aquarius 
May 11 (2:58pm PDT):  Saturn retrograde (1 Aquarius 57)
July 1 (4:37 PDT):   Saturn re-enters Aquarius
Sept 28 (10:11pm PDT):   Saturn station direct  - 25 Capricorn 20
Dec 16 (9:04pm PST):  Saturn re-enters Aquarius 
Dec 21 (10:20am PST):  Jupiter conjunct Saturn at  0 Aquarius 29

As we have discussed in previous reports, Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction in December.  The conjunction is in Aquarius setting off a new cycle for the next two hundred years where the two planets will only connect in air signs.    Since 1802 until now all the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have been in earth sign, except for one 1981.  These conjunctions speak to the world moving from an agrarian society to industrial.   Now we begin a fundamental shift in air matters.  We had preview of the air energy when the two planets conjunct in 1981 in Libra which arguably helped set off The Internet/Computers and new technology.   It is not ironic that the foreshadow of air sign conjunctions was in Libra the sign of relationships and now forty years later we are all in relationship with our phone?    We will be heading into this new world in December which will be both subtle and obvious and profound.  More will be revealed in the coming months but in the meantime, Saturn begins its own two-year journey in Aquarius on March 21.   The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991 – 1993 and before that 1962-1964 and the time before that was 1931-1934.    Saturn which is the planet of rules and status quo is quite topsy turvy when it is in iconoclastic Aquarius.   Who is on top is subject to change.  And as we discussed new technology and humanity are Aquarius calling cards.  We should expect a new level of seriousness and work in both areas.     

Updated March 18, 2020 
I posted to some friends a week ago when we started to hear about ‘social distancing’ that it was perfect for Saturn in Aquarius.   Saturn is the planet of restrictions and Aquarius speaks to humanity and society.   I hope to god we do not have to spend the entire 2 ½ year in quarantine but I do know that our cyber connections will strengthen and be hard working for us during Saturn in Aquarius.  We will share skills with one another.  At the same time any weaknesses in community will also be revealed.   If there are any weaknesses in The Internet and technology we will see those problems and have to process our way  to solutions.    

Saturn has begun its long conversation (fight-square) with Uranus in Taurus and although we started to see manifestations of the tension when Saturn hit the last degrees of Capricorn we should anticipate more trouble when it moves into Aquarius.   Money and economy is all about this aspect and it has been rough.    There will be three squares in 2021 (Feb 14, June 14, Dec 24).   As we head through 2020 we will build to the square.  More money issues and stresses will be pronounced.   Taurus also speaks to our values.  Uranus will upset the apple cart so that we can find our values.  Saturn who likes everyone to stay in their lanes and uphold the status quo is not so -status quo-ish in Aquarius.   Saturn will, without a doubt take things away to help usuncover the answer to the question:  What are people’s values?      

In order to understand to the latest Saturn transit in Aquarius I have gone to timelines and pulled out some Aquarian/brilliant/ techy/community/humanity/ Work/Struggles/ Saturn-y facts.  You may want to search these years on your own as well but here are snippets: 

Saturn in was in Aquarius 1932-1935 – FDR  gave weekly ‘fireside’ chats via radio.   Radio of course being new technology.    Civilian Conservation Corps (how perfect Saturn) is authorized and provided work for three million men for nine years. Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. The world’s fair opens in Chicago celebrating a “Century of Progress” .   An engineer in Oklahoma discovers radio waves emanating from the Milky Way—Karl Janksy becomes the “Father of Radio”     
At the same time, Fascism, Nazism gains followers. 
In 1933 Hitler is elected chancellor.  He also announces a state sponsored “People’s Car” – Volkswagen.

Saturn was in Aquarius 1962-1964 
Gary Powers CIA pilot of a high tech spy plane that was shot down two years earlier is exchanged for a Soviet Spy.   
First Lady Jackie Kennedy gives a televised tour of the White House. 
Space race reaches a new bar when astronaut John Glen circles earth three times 
World’s Fair in Seattle, theme “Space Exploration”.
Three thousand troops quell riots allowing the first black student, James Meredith to enter the University of Mississippi.   
The Cuban Missle Crises begin in response to Soviet Union building offense missiles in Cuba.  
US, USSR & UK agree to limited nuclear test-ban on nuclear testing above ground. 
MLK gives his ‘I have a dream” speech at Lincoln Memorial.   
JFK is assassinated in Dallas TX. 
Beatles arrive in the USA bringing Beatlemania 

Saturn was in Aquarius 1991 – 1993 
Intel ships the first Pentium chips revolutionizing the processing of computers around the world. 
The phrase “Surfing the Internet” is popularized.  
World Trade Center is bombed by Islamic terrorists.  
Rodney King Trial Verdict sets off riots in Los Angeles and other major cities
January NAFTA goes into effect creating a trade zone between Canada, US and Mexico 

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