Friday, March 6, 2020

Mercury Direct

Mercury Dates: 

2/16  Mercury stationed retrograde at 12 Pisces 53.  
3 /4: Mercury re-enters Aquarius 
3/9:    Mercury station direct 28 Aquarius
3/16:  Mercury re-enters Pisces 
3/29: Mercury shadow ends 

Shortly after the Virgo Full Moon launches, Mercury will station direct on March 9 (8:49pm PDT).   Only God in his infinite wisdom knows why he chose to get Mercury flying straight AFTER the full moon and not before.   Alas, perhaps any bumps that come up in the full moon are to inform our brains we still need to be brilliant to find our solutions.  In other words, the same old, same old may feel 'off'. 

Questions to ask with Mercury stationing direct at 28 Aquarius.  

What did our emotions tell us about areas that need fixing? 
How did we process our emotions?  
Were we stuck?  Or were we over flowing?   
Did we consider any new approaches to any issue?   
What did we break?   Did it need breaking?   
What did we learn through confusion? 
How has prayer and meditation helped us as we navigate unknown territory?  

How have we learned that our emotions connect to something deeper?   

When Mercury crosses back into Pisces we will perhaps see the questions above with more focus.    And by the time we get to March 29 a whole lot more clarity may come into play about the last six weeks in general.  Yay to clarity wherever we can find it!    

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