Friday, March 6, 2020

Virgo Full Moon. March 9

Virgo Full Moon
March 9
10:47am PDT 

In the middle of a crazy pandemic we get a Virgo Full Moon.  Sure, why not?   It’s kind of perfect.   
Virgo loves to clean, clean and clean.   It loves a fat To-Do list and the satisfaction of crossing off each task once completed.   One can assume that this full moon will activate a lot of people to put their list of needs together in the event that the virus spreads and approaches their town.   For sure.     

For those who are not focused on virus matters they, too, will still be feeling the desire to clean and organize and ditch stuff.   Virgo can’t stand clutter.    Everything needs a place and Virgo will find that place –come hell or high water.     Of course, Virgo Full moon also activates insecurities and second guessing, which is fine because maybe the answer to lacking confidence is to clean up our act.   Perfect Virgo.     

There is a challenge in the chart because of a fuzzy factor beyond the obvious Pisces Sun component.    On the full moon chart, Neptune the god of fuzz is on top of the Sun and opposing the moon challenging any good warrior with a To-Do list in hand.  “Wait I thought I was supposed to ____ and now I have to ______. Argh.”    During the three-day phase, we need to be quick on our feet and pivot when anything we are doing hits a wall.   Remember, Neptune god of the seas can dissolve things it touches like waves lapping on sandcastles.   So, for sure, best laid plans can go awry during the three- day full moon.    Perhaps the best gift of the moon is learning to pivot.  

During the full moon, it is best to keep our head in some good old data and be our own best servant.   “Are we taking good care of our bodies?”  asks the Virgo full moon.  What do the facts tell me?   Blood pressure, dental work,  weight on a scale?   What are the deails?    With or without a virus we should look at our physicality and consider ways to improve it during Virgo Full moon.  

Virgo rules our calendar and our schedule.  Are we doing daily activity that speaks to bringing peace and harmony in our lives (Pisces)?   How are we being humanitarian with others and self?  How are we incorporating best practices versus getting lost in ‘perfection’ (Virgo)?  

Also, Neptune brings out synchronicity and coincidences.   A chance encounter, a moment that seems random, a thought that percolates up could be a message from your higher self.  There is power in finding a quiet space to process bigger meanings.   

The chart also has some nice aspects with Mars, Jupiter & Pluto so in many ways we should have satisfying experiences during the full moon where we are doing lots of actions (Mars) that connect to our psyche (Pluto) and are philosophically in sync (Jupiter) with our schedule and calendar.   What is the bigger picture in how we spend our days?  How many hours (Virgo) are spent in sync with our values? 

Mercury who rules Virgo is retrograde in Aquarius at the time of the new moon. It is interesting that a few hours after full moon launches Mercury turns direct.  Apparently, god in his infinite wisdom did not want to give us the full moon chart with a straight flying Mercury.   Thus, a bit more fuzz however it is in the sign Aquarius which is constantly looking for ways to do something new, innovative and brilliant.     Perhaps we need the power of the full moon with a retro Mercury to to help us navigate our own ingenuity?    We will ring out the last degrees of brilliance in our lives says this full moon, even if we can’t see it.  “Trust me” says Pisces.   Once again, get quiet, get reflective and tell spirit, “Thank you.”  

A couple of shout outs.   First Happy Purim 

And second, we are approaching our Treasure Map launch.    Take this full moon to begin cleaning like a crazy person.   I’m watching you! 

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