Monday, August 31, 2020

Pisces Full Moon - September 1

 Pisces Full Moon 

September 1, 2020

10:21pm PDT 

10 Pisces 12 



Full Moons are teeter totters.  The Moon is one side and the Sun is on the other side.  You cannot have a full moon without the opposite placement of the Sun.  In this case the full moon is in the final water sign of Pisces with the Sun on the other side in the second earth sign of Virgo.   It is water vs dirt.   Water speaks to our emotions and feelings and in Pisces, both can’t be necessarily explained.   Feelings that come from someplace deep in us that do not always make sense.   Our psyches can speak to us through Pisces.   Our intuition gets our attention through Pisces.    Weird coincidences find us In Pisces.     On the other side, earth grounds us. Reality finds us in Virgo.   Details speak to us in Virgo.   The need to do better connects to us through Virgo.  On the full moon we balance between those things that seem unworldly or mystical and bigger than us with those things that are measured, detailed and mundane.   We need both. 


The chart for this Pisces full moon has both the Sun and the Moon getting a helpful boost from Uranus In Taurus.   In 2021 Uranus will be stressed by the planet Saturn that will no doubt have impact on world finances, properties and things that we value.    While we head towards 2021, we should take any opportunity by beneficial Uranus aspects and make the most of them.  This full moon’s gift from Uranus will support us to ‘mixing it up’.  Doing something different.  Our intuition may guide us to our ‘stick in the mudness’ and prompt us to get out of the same old same old.    How is the same old routine (Virgo) needing a mix up?  How is our psyche?  Is it tired, depressed, disjointed? (Pisces)  How will a small difference, it can be something very Virgo small, how will it change your attitude?  Perhaps if your morning routine is to go online you feel compelled to mix it up and go for a walk?   Perhaps you go through your automatic payments and decide to unload some of the payees who no longer feel relevant?  Perhaps you feel compelled to look at job opportunities or real estate in another city?  Perhaps you look up a charity that catches your eye?   There is a dreamy, lofty, visionary and aspirational component to Pisces, the thing that lifts our heart.  There is a down in the weeds, dealing with practical matters component that keeps all the engines working that is Virgo.   This is the three day window where we process both energies and with Uranus we know that change in both fronts can provide opportunities.  Even if we do not see the opportunity now, we may in 2021.  Perhaps it will make more sense by the time of Virgo Full Moon in late Feb 2021.   The small things matter and the big visionary will guide us.     Be on a journey this full moon to see both and enjoy the teeter totter. 

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