Saturday, December 19, 2020

Astrology the week of Dec 19-25


Waxing Moon 

This week in Astrology:  Dec 19-25

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We continue to be in a big astrological period.  A few days ago, we had Saturn enter Aquarius which lasts until March 23, 2023.    

We launched the new moon with a total eclipse on the 14th.    Now this week we have Jupiter enter Aquarius for  a one-year process and we have the big Jupiter Saturn conjunction launching a two-hundred year period.   Not a small period we are processing.     All year in 2020 we had warrior Mars in Aries getting in tussles with the outer planets, which was tough.  Now the final square between Mars and Pluto on December 23, will be the swan song of Fight Club era.   Fight between independence, don’t tread on me, let me do my own thing versus rules and order, and the structures of government and business.   Or perhaps fighting for the common good.   Watch your driving and mouth on the 23rd



We are in the lunar Crescent Phase.   We are getting a lot of information about our friends and groups.   On December 21 we have both the first quarter moon falls on the Winter Solstice and the Moon moving into Aries.   For many months we have been highlighting the Moon in cardinal signs since it was getting into it with the outer planets in Capricorn.  But now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved on, we are left with Pluto in Cap and Mars in Aries.   This could be our final two and half day cycle of skirmishes as Moon gets into it with Pluto and amplifies Mars.  Watch your choices Dec 21 2:32pm PST until Dec 24 2:56 am PST.   

On December 25, we move into gibbous phase where we start to refine our practicality.   Emphasis on money and building something up.  Perhaps some phone & zoom calls with friends and family will have practical results beyond the warmth and cozy that comes with a check in.  Lots to process.   In the meantime Merry Christmas!  




Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to your groups, your friends, the associations you belong?  What are you learning about when you join other people for a higher mission or goal? 



Special Focus

12/19: Jupiter in Aquarius 5:07am PST * (see separate post

12/19: Sun conjunct Mercury – Thoughts, opinions are strong, finding truth that is elevated is motivating. 

12/20: Mercury enters Capricorn 

12/21:  Sun enters Capricorn 2:02am PST  - Winter Solstice (see separate post)

12/21: Jupiter conjunction Saturn 10:20am PST 00 Aquarius 29 (see separate post) 



First Quarter Moon 

December 21, 2020 

3:41 pm PST 





Focus on:  What actions are you that push your independence?  What actions are you taking that speak to carving your own way?  What actions do you need to do for you and your feel fired up about it?  



Special Note

12/23: Mars square Pluto.  The final round of Mars square Pluto that speak to independence versus status quo.  Power of self, versus power of business/power.  

12/24: Mercury trine Uranus: Creative thinking.  Thoughts and communication that are unique and stimulating.  




Gibbous Moon

December 25,  2020 

7:02pm PST 



Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to make money?  How are you discerning what is practical and works and how to improve upon it?   What have you neglected that needs retooling but can help you build something from the ground up? 


Special focus

12/27: Sun trine Uranus.  Creative, productive, concrete results.  Building something from the ground up that has real world support. 

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