Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturn in Aquarius


On December 16 at 9:04pm PST  Saturn will re-enter Aquarius.   Saturn originally moved into Aquarius on March 21 before it retrograded out on July 1.  Aquarius speaks to humans and humanity and how we gather as groups.  It one of the socializing signs.  It is how we find our tribes.    Saturn restricts and it was not lost on any astrologer on god’s green earth that humans being forced to stay in their homes by a pandemic was perfect Saturn in Aquarius.   Saturn is the planet of time, how we spend our time with others was now for all of us to contemplate.  What have we lost?  What does it mean to see and be with other humans?   Was it something we took for granted?    What have we learned about ourselves since last March?  

When Saturn returned to Capricorn it asked us to wonder how we fine tune our place in the world.  We had to ask ourselves:  What do we think about our leadership ability?  What about others’ ability to lead?   What important lessons have we learned about how systems work?  What do we think is the role of government and business?  This is all the work of Capricorn.   Now we take all that information and return to Aquarius.  Saturn will be in Aquarius until March of 2023.  Aquarius is technology.   The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was in early 1991 through 1994, consider the advances just alone by Microsoft, Apple and the WWW during that period.  Watch what happens now and add social media.  How will they all be impacted?   While there are great gifts in technology we must not forget to lean into humanity.  Who will be hurt by big tech?  Is this what we want?  How can we lean just as hard into the human experience as the technology?   

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