Friday, December 18, 2020

Jupiter in Aquarius Dec 19


Jupiter somewhere on www  looking all big and marble-y.  Perfect. 

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on December 19 at 5:07am PST.   Jupiter is not as far out in the solar system so while it takes Saturn 28- 30 years to go around the zodiac, Jupiter only takes 12 years.  The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius was January 2009.  As we remember the stock market crashed and recession commenced in the fall of 2008 and in 2009.   With Jupiter in Aquarius, we had big buy outs and solutions put into motion.  We should expect similar since we are in another difficult financial time.  Again, with Aquarius there is emphasis on technology.   New technological ideas can be brought to the forefront.   Jupiter is the largest planet and does everything BIG to a sign.   Big tech ideas will be put out there.   Perhaps some tech mergers.   Big problems bring big solutions.  Aquarius is innovative and genius.   It thinks out of the box.    How do people come together?  Why do they come together?  Will they be doing it in a big way?   It should be noted that as soon as the two planets move into Aquarius they will start talking to Uranus in Taurus and there will be tension around our financial landscape.  It is a hurdle.  But there will be a way through the hurdle.  It may not look like anything we have ever done before since both Jupiter and Saturn are talking to Uranus.  More will be discussed in 2021about the square with Uranus. 

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