Monday, December 28, 2020

Cancer Full Moon. Dec 29


Full Moon Phase 

December 29, 2020

7:28pm PST     

8 Cancer 53



On the Cancer full moon, we find our emotions and we find our feelings.  Our sensitive nature gets our attention.   Cancer the crab has a hard shell and tough pinchers, which are protective devices to cover his soft tender flesh.    Where we get confused is when we pretend that our hard shell is the real self, and we are disconnected from our soft.   Owning the hard is fine but if we wear it like a medal and parade it around without a connection to our sensitive nature then we are cut off from gifts that are born from our tender nature.  On this full moon we are asked:  How do we tap our tender?  


The Capricorn sun points us towards sensibility and practicality.  It can also speak to our ambition.   We get the Cancer full moon to remind us of our emotions and the sometimes messiness between authentic goals versus authentic feelings.  Are they in sync?   During the three-day Cancer full moon, we take a moment and ponder what are our real desires behind our goals/aspirations and ambition.   Do they match our inner gut?   So many people have goals and desires but there is a disconnect.  What are the ambitions when they are distilled down?  Are they looking for love?  Are they looking for safety?  Are they looking for control?    Cancer reminds us of our family, childhood and mom.   During this full moon phase, we can reflect on family patterns and how they are connected to our goals today.   Is our reach too great because a hole has not been addressed?  Or are our goals diminished because our fears are too great?    Cancer rules history, what was our past and how does it impact us now?     


While this chart has aspects that are both challenging and potentially bountiful, we all benefit by the fact that is the first Cancer full moon not to be tied to an eclipse in the last two years.   It is also the first Cancer full moon in three year not to be influenced by Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn.    Saturn digging into its domicile and south node hanging out in Cap had a somewhat unfair advantage over Cancer Full Moons.   Without those burdens Cancer can pulsate in a new refreshed way.   We may feel our inner little kid on this three-day cycle.   Perhaps we seek play or perhaps we have a good old fashion cry.    This full moon falls at the end of arguably one of the roughest years and we may welcome the release of the emotions that have been pent up.    Sometimes it is hard to be the adult, every minute of every hour of every day in a year like 2020.  On this full moon we laugh, we cry, we FEEL perhaps like we haven’t in a long time.  


In the full moon chart, there is a square aspect with Chiron.   Ever since Chiron moved into Aries in 2018, we have been finding our identity in one way or another.   Chiron (an asteroid, minor body) will be in Aries until 2026 and periodically the New Moon and Full Moon charts will be touched by Chiron.  In this case the Sun & the Moon are squaring Chiron.   Chiron is our teacher, he shows us where we screwed up, where we got in our own way.   On the full moon chart, the emphasis would be finding a way to adjust goals and tap into emotions for a real path to our authentic self.   There is a desire for independence in us that needs expression, and this full moon may tap on signposts for a path to take as we spend the next six years processing Chiron in Aries and our place in the world.   


The full moon chart has a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn oppose Moon in Cancer.  There is an accent on our thinking and communicating which will be centered on practicality versus our guts again hitting the theme which reminds us not to forget our emotions and feelings.   We can take three days and do a little analytical thinking on childhood and patterns from parents, in particular Mom.   Communication that sounds like Mom’s voice may be accented or jettisoned.   


Uranus the planet of ‘out of the blue’ is in trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon.   The three-day full phase could have something odd and random show up that is helpful.    Uranus in Taurus speaks to doing something weird and out of the norm because it really is the practical solution.     


There are gifts to this cozy moon.  Go in and find your sympathetic and empathetic heart, someone will be doing it for you as well. 

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