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Astrology: Week of January 17 - 23


Astrology: Week of January 17 – 23rd


It is a tense week in an already tense cycle.  


The week starts on Sunday with Jupiter Square Uranus.  The mental pressure caused by these two planets is palpable.  Our brains are overwhelmed with energy. Jupiter brings a surge and Uranus is electricity.  We all may feel exhausted or ‘shorted’ out.  Our brains feel a bit fried.   The build- up to this aspect started on December 18 when Jupiter moved into Aquarius. What do all your big opinions really do for you?  Are they are in alignment with what is really going on in your personal world?     Uranus in Taurus teaches us new ways to find practicality.  What practical solutions and pivots can we make that help ground us?  Where has your mental efforts disconnected you from your earthbound reality?  When is the last time you were barefoot?  Can you feel earth?    



Mars conjunction Uranus January 20

Mars square Jupiter January 22


Of all of these inner planet aspects, Mars conjunct Uranus is the one that is the most troublesome.   It takes place on Jan 20 the day of the inauguration.   We can assume great care and protection will be in effect that day but the tension leading up to the 20th is tense.  Watch the themes that come out of this week.  They will be important in February during the Aquarius lunar month when we get the first Saturn square Uranus (Feb 17).    


Moon Tangles 

Last year we watched the Moon for tangle ups with the cardinal planets.  This year we track Moon in the fixed signs and note that they can be difficult and stubborn when they get into it with Mars, Saturn and Uranus.   Sparks and smoldering tensions rooted in deep seated issues could rear up.  This week:  


Jan 20 & 21 Moon in Taurus.  Find your inner rutter and keep your hand on it.  



The phases of the Moon:

Crescent Moon Phase

January 16,  2020

12:29pm PST  



Focus on: What are you learning about faith?  What are you learning about humanity?  What are you learning about your own mystical nature?  What are you learning about suspending belief?  



Special Focus

1/17: Jupiter square Uranus 6 Taurus 44 (see above) 


First Quarter Moon 

January 20, 2020 

1:01 pm PST 



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to building something from the ground up? What actions are you taking that are steeped in practicality?  What actions are you taking that are sensible application of changes you can make to your finances?  



Special Note

1/20: Mars conjunction Uranus 6 Taurus 44 (see above) 

1/22: Mars square  Jupiter 8 Aquarius 00 Concrete actions are at odds with big ideas.  Big ideas can’t get real movement.  Go back to the drawing board.  

1/23: Sun conjunct Saturn 4 Aquarius 20.  Structure to ideas is paramount.  Ditching weak ideas for more thoughtful ideas. 

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