Thursday, January 14, 2021

Uranus Station Direct January 14


Uranus stations direct 

6 Taurus 43

January 14, 2021

12:35am PST 


Shortly after the new moon, Uranus will slow down and turn direct.  This is a strong influence especially since Uranus is a big player in 2021.  Uranus turned retrograde back on August 15 at 10 degrees of Taurus.  It is curious that half of 2020, when so much drama was occurring, Uranus was backtracking.  Perhaps he was gathering intel from Taurus.  Uranus is dynamic and creative, and Taurus likes things that are practical and substantive.   What secrets was Uranus learning during the retrograde?  Will we be able to coax out dynamic solutions now when we really need them?   The fact that this planetary direction change is taking place so close to the Cap New Moon charges the whole cycle.  We may have some ideas or thoughts that back in August we would never have considered but now they seem like a real solution.     Let’s see what Uranus brings to our 29-day cycle.  Uranus can be chaotic but under that chaos may be something brilliant that can be gleaned.  

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