Sunday, January 17, 2021

Jupiter Square Uranus : Jan 17

Jupiter square Uranus – Jan 17.  This is a big square and it is a few days after the new moon.  It is the only square (thankfully) Jupiter will make to Uranus this year.  Jupiter who had been trapped by Capricorn all of 2020 is now in Aquarius.  Jupiter and all his big ideas and jovialness has more energy in Aquarius. He is coaxing people to find the humanitarian path.  He is concerned about the laws and education that serve the most people.  Jupiter in Aquarius speaks to large groups of people who are like minded  in their ideas and goals.   But Jupiter in Aquarius can get lost in philosophical debates and side bars and committees and rigid thinking. Uranus in Taurus has a real desire to be creative and dynamic in a concrete manner.  Uranus in Taurus speaks to practical results.  But Uranus in Taurus can get rebellious in ‘I’m not budging’ Taurus.  A harsh stubbornness.  Both can be strident and what they each need is a willingness to negotiate and find a solution.    This aspect will bring frustrations.  Friendships and issues around values such as love, and money could be stretched.  Some will decide they are done with this person or that person.   In some cases, it is the prudent decision for others it may be too harsh.  Get counsel from people you respect before being too dogmatic (Jupiter) or rash (Uranus).  If you know your chart see how these planets are interacting with the houses of your chart.   For example, if it is your second house with transiting Uranus in Taurus speaking to Jupiter in the eleventh house then issues around groups (11th) may be taking away from your ability to earn bigger money (2nd).  Or the opposite where your focus on money (2nd) has cut you out of social circles (11th) where you could have real experiences that are beyond dollars.    Look at the houses in your charts and see how this tension is playing out.  

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