Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Mercury Retrograde January 30th


Let's all find our inner Freddie Mercury 

Mercury retrograde 


2021 the Mercury retrogrades will be in air signs so issues around communication and thinking will be paramount.    There is an ADHD element to all Mercury retrogrades but especially in the air signs.  We could feel extra agitated during the 2021 Mercury retrogrades.  Nervous energy will be more pronounced.  Short fuses and tongues.  People who are not afraid of a sharp barb could pay a price they are not ready for in a year that is already tense.   Think twice before shooting off that ugly little snippet.  Just sayin’. 


This Mercury retrograde is in Aquarius emphasizing the groups of people we like to associate.   Covid has certainly stretched our way to be with one another but we may also feel like we have grown tired of our circles and are looking for new peeps or new experiences and new thinking. We may be searching for new groups.   Like all good Mercury retrogrades we should learn something about our communication skills and our ability to pivot our thinking.  Aquarius celebrates our weirdness and our brilliance.  Our curosity in Aquarius is up.   Maybe we need to share some insights that will help our friends.  Especially for those people who have remained mute on important topics.   There is an Internet/Cyberspace/Electricty/NewTechnology component to this particular Mercury retrograde (ruled by Aquarius). We should anticipate isssues in those areas.   The Mercury Retrograde dates are the following:


January 15 Mercury enters shadow 

January 30 Mercury station retrograde 26 Aquarius 29

February 20 Mercury station direct  11 Aquarius 01

March 12 Mercury exits shadow 


With all Mercury retrogrades we know to take care about purchases.  Try to not make big purchases.  Refrain from starting any project during a retrograde but research like crazy, pretend you are a  Smithsonian Librarian and go deep on anything you want to pursue after Mercury straightens out.  Ask a lot of questions.  Double check facts and above all—especially with Mercury in Aquarius --watch your social media activity.   Do NOT forward anything unless you have double checked its accuracy.  Spreading gossip in 2021 is the biggest No-No.   Super no.   Between the air sign retrogrades and the eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius we must monitor our social media activities and not be a participant or amplify lies.  Consider setting the record straight.    In the meantime, find your friends, tell them why you appreciate them.   Offer support and ask for it when you need it as well.    Personal growth through friendships and groups never grows old and more pronounced during this Mercury retrograde.  

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