Tuesday, January 10, 2023

All Hail Mars Stations Direct: January 12, 12:56pm PST


Mars.  1st Century statue source Religion Wiki 
January 12, 2023 
12:56pm PST 
Mars Stations Direct at 8 Gemini 8 

We have been talking about Mars since last August.   Which to be fair is the way Mars in Gemini likes it.   But now on January 12, Mars finally stations direct at 8 Gemini.    Mars retrograde in Gemini hits some of the same cords as Mercury retrograde because Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini.    How we communicate has been a theme for most of 2022 and the first two weeks of January.    Is our language clear?  Is our thinking clear?   Are we being heard?  Has it been five months of skirmishes because people just don’t hear us or ‘get’ us?  


It could have been bumps with siblings and neighbors.   Gemini is a nervous sign so anxiety issues could have been pronounced.    Gemini is also one of the media signs and we may have double downed in online fights.   Luckily, once Mars turns direct on the 12th, we start to calm down.   It will be as if the whole planet takes Valerian Root or a Zoloft.   Because Mars moves slow, (only moves 2 degrees in January)  and because it had three squares with Neptune with the last square on March 14th, it could take a while to get our groove on and understand the lessons to be gleaned from the Mars retrograde.  Those lessons may sit somewhere in our psyche for a bit more.  But once Mars clears March 15, we will have more understanding of what the hell we all just went through. Still, we should start feeling some relief after January 12.   


Jan 12: Mars station direct (8 Gemini 8) 

Mar 14: Mars square Neptune (3 out of 3) 25 Gem/Pisces 

Mar 15 Mars exits shadow

Mar 25: Mars enters Cancer 


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