Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mercury Stations Direct - January 18, 2023


Mercury Photo: Mythopedia 

Mercury station Direct 

8 Cap 8

January 18, 2023 

5:11am PST 



Finally!   On Dec 6 Mercury entered Capricorn. Then on December 12 Mercury crossed the shadow point.    A shadow point means a planet has entered a zone where it will return in a few weeks.    On Dec 29 Mercury station retrograde and began its journey all the way back to the beginning of the shadow.      Today on January 18, Mercury is exactly where it was on December 12 and Mercury is shaking itself off and heading direct again.   


Mercury in Capricorn cares about logic, being practical, planning a long game, thinking a lot about responsibilities.      During this long (they all feel long) Mercury retrograde we may have been trying to get some vision on areas of our life where we need to get practical.    During the retrograde we may have had moments where we realized we were not as diligent as we should have been on some matter.   Perhaps we have outsourced our responsibility.  Maybe we even felt guilt about letting something that needs responsible personal leadership go rudderless for too long.  Capricorn is a somber sign; it is serious in nature.  It feels like a dad or a boss.  Having Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is our mental – inner dad/boss looking around at our life, “Wow, this is a problem.   This is a mess.  How did YOU let this happen?”   or “Wow that was close, what else needs fixing?”   


There may be issues that come up between Dec 12 – Dec 29 that will be revisited.   We might get another bite at an apple to ‘get it right.’    For those of us who know there are some areas that need work, tidying up and more diligence, then we should work on them during this period.   Make the most of the direct motion of Mercury.   Your inner boss and inner father know what to do.   Take between now and Feb 6, when Mercury exits shadow to fix stuff and be responsible in a more vigorous manner.    Our next Mercury retrograde will be on April 21 in Taurus, another practical sign.   2023 we will be getting our practical brain on, bit by bit. 

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