Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Cancer Full Moon: January 6, 2023

 Cancer Full Moon

January 6, 2023 

3:07pm PST 

The Cancer Full Moon speaks to our emotions.   The shell of the crab is hard, and the pinchers are defensive.   Prickliness is not uncommon during a three-day Cancer full moon phase.   Someone says something and out come the snaps.  Sure.   However, the pinchers and shell and all that snappiness only exists because the crab’s flesh is soft.    Cancer connects with our home, our childhood, our roots, our history.   It is, in short, our tender.      This is where we find our strength.   It is not our snippy snaps that provide our power.  Power comes from accessing our tender.     Luckily, this Cancer full moon is ripe with the ability to access our interior and bring success in our outer which of course is what the Sun in Capricorn welcomes. 


In the chart of the full moon; the Sun is right next to Mercury in a tight conjunction, opposing Moon, Sun trines Uranus which is also in a sextile to Moon and the Sun trines North Node with Moon in sextile.     


Mercury is of course retrograde but having it in the mix with the Sun strengthens the Sun’s hand in this full moon.   Meaning even if we feel a bruise on some level, we can shake ourselves off, get up and past whatever it was so that the bigger task is a success.    Uranus in such harmonic aspects to Sun and Moon can bring out-of- the- blue opportunities.    Something odd shows up that probably taps the tender and we jump on it.     The sun formed a trine to North Node on January 2 and is still casting a glow on the chart with a sextile to the Moon.    North node in Taurus supports the power in being grounded and practical.   Some emotions, when they are expressed may be a relief but if they cause more damage or set up some failure down the road then they are far from practical.   Finding a safe manner and style of expressing emotions is possible during this Cancer full moon which is an important opportunity especially since our Taurus/Scorpio eclipses will be wrapping up in 2023 so wherever we can get the lesson of the north nodes (they are tied to the eclipses) then let’s run with it.  


In addition to all the lunar solar goodies, Venus is moving to a trine with Mars (Jan 9).  These are the two lover planets who speak to our values and our actions.   Mars retrograde in Gemini has been problematic, but it does, at the end of the day, show us how to pivot quickly on new information.  On this full moon in Cancer, we may feel the need to pivot on something that is touching our tender.   Or protect someone who touches your tender.   If you have forgotten what that looks like, see crab video above.  


Hugs to you 

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