Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! 


There are some big astrological influences in 2023 which, of course, will come up in my monthly reports.  Some of the themes will be subtle but a few will get our attention, right away.    There will be all kinds of squares that will be noisy globally and will also ring some personal bells.  


In broad strokes, these are things on the 2023 timeline: 

(January) Mars finally ends its retrograde in Gemini and slowly strides forward.  

(January) Mercury stations direct wrapping first retrograde of 2023 

(January) Uranus stations direct, (From January 22- April 20 all planets direct).  

(January) Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit (water)


(February) Sun Saturn conjunction before Saturn exits Aquarius 


(March) Saturn enters Pisces 

(March) First Aries New Moon 

(March) Pluto enters Aquarius.  Last time Pluto was in AQ was 1778 – 1798 

(March) Mars finally leaves Gemini enters Cancer 


(April) Second Aries New Moon – New Eclipse Season (Aries/Libra)

(April)  Mercury retrograde (Taurus) 


(May) Pluto retrograde for first time in Aquarius

(May) Final Scorpio lunar eclipse 


(June) Pluto returns to Capricorn 

(June) Saturn retrograde 

(June) Neptune retrograde 

(June) Venus enters Leo –which will set up for a Venus retrograde in July 


(July) Venus retrograde in Leo 

(July) Nodes move into Aries/Libra 


(Aug) Mercury retrograde – Virgo 

(Aug) Uranus retrograde 


(Sep) Venus stations direct 

(Sep) Jupiter retrograde 

(Sep) Mercury direct 


(Oct) Venus finally enters Virgo after months in Leo 

(Oct) Pluto Direct 

(Oct) Solar Eclipse – first time in Libra 

(Oct) Final Taurus lunar eclipse 


(Nov) Saturn station direct 


(Dec) Neptune station direct

(Dec) Mercury retrograde 

(Dec) Jupiter direct 

I will do my best to explain this time frame as it unfolds and all the aspects between the inner and outer planets.  

In the meantime, Happy New Year.  

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