Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Astrology for this week: Jan 2 - 9


Gibbous Moon

Jan 2, 2023 



Focus on:  How are you refining your finances?  How are you refining your resources?  How are you refining your possessions?  How are you refining your comforts?   How are your refining your ‘stick-to-it-ness’?  How will all of this improve or uplift your goals from new moon?   


Special focus

1 / 2 : Venus enters Aquarius.  Love is more abstract, broadens beyond partner.  

1 / 4: Venus sextile Jupiter. Big fun, big play, big new.   Money and love expands.  Sharing and expanding values. 

1 / 5:  Sun trine Uranus.  Opportunities come from out of the blue.  Practical application of ingenuity.  



January  6, 2023

Full Moon

16 Cancer 21 

3:07pm PST 


See Separate Post 



Special focus 

1 / 7 : Sun conjunction Mercury.  What practical application to our goals did we miss?  What are we learning that will help fix some thinking that was ‘off’?  

1 / 8:  Mercury trine Uranus.   Creative thinking that is based on practicality.  

1 / 9: Venus trine Mars.  Fun, new, out of the blue actions that amplify values including love and money.  

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