Monday, June 19, 2023

Astrology for the Week of June 19-June 25


This week we continue the new phase of the Gemini new moon.  We continue to plant seeds that stoke curiosity.  We seek knowledge.  We activate our writing.  We stir up our creative projects.   We may reach out to siblings and neighbors.     On June 21, the sun moves into Cancer signaling the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in southern hemisphere.    Later in the day on the 21st the moon moves into the Crescent Phase where we double down on receiving information.    As we discussed on the new moon, the data we are receiving may not be accurate.   This is a particularly fuzzy 29 day cycle with the three day window centered on June 25th’ and the Mercury square Neptune as being extra nebulous.  





This focus:     What actions are we taking that connect with gathering knowledge?  How are we getting information?  Is it coming to us in an obvious manner?  Or are we using intuition?   How are we clearing our heads when we are overwhelmed?   What are our communication abilities?  How are we fact checking information?   


Special note:

6/18:  Sun square Neptune.  Fuzzy facts. Fuzzy thoughts.  Fuzzy narratives.   Who is getting played? 

6/19: Jupiter sextile Saturn big ideas meets big structure.  Responsibilities are big but accomplishments can be made.

6/20 : Mercury sextile Mars.  Smart thinking brings smart actions. 

6/21 : Sun enters Cancer – Solstice 7 :57am



Crescent Moon Phase

June 21, 2023

10:22 pm PDT  



Focus on: What are you learning about your strength?  What are you learning about your creativity?   What are you learning about self-esteem?  What are you learning about what brings you joy and fun?   How is love informing your thinking?    



Special Focus

6/23 :  Sun sextile North Node.  Spirit and energy support novelty and independence.   

6/25 : Mercury square Neptune.  Mental confusion.  Fuzzy facts, communication that is muted and unclear. 

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