Saturday, June 17, 2023

Gemini New Moon: June 17, 2023 9:37pm PDT


Gemini New Moon 

26 Gemini 43

June 17, 2023 

9:37pm PDT  



Welcome to Gemini New Moon.    


The 29-day Gemini lunar cycle is when we get our mentality activated.   Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac.    Aries and Taurus are the first fire and earth signs which emphasize self-motivation (Aries) and security (Taurus).   Now with Gemini, we focus on something that is more abstract, our thinking.   If Aries is the birth of a baby and in Taurus, the baby is swaddled and fed (thus safe and secure).  In Gemini, the baby is observing siblings and the community while being strolled down the street.  Or toddler-ing around the house exploring this thing and that thing and of course, beginning to talk-- all of this is Gemini.   Our thinking is on in Gemini.   


Gemini is versatile; it can switch from one thought to another in a millisecond.   Gemini is literally and figuratively the breath of fresh air we welcome after 29 days of earth-bound Taurus.    In the Gemini lunar month, we enjoy change and mixing it up.    Gemini’s greatest gift is its adaptability which is an offshoot of its natural curiosity.   What’s that thing?  Who is that person?   Why is that going on over there?   The questions are always flowing with Gemini.   Adaptability speaks to survival, but you can’t adapt unless you observe it.    There are plenty of stories of those who observed something unusual and knew something was off and made a change that later turned out to be lifesaving.    Or maybe they saw something and knew it would be beneficial and it later was very fortuitous.   The desire to know is Gemini’s superpower.   However, the downside of Gemini is collecting too much data which can overwhelm the system.   When Gemini takes in too much the mental computer locks and the beach ball starts bouncing.   This is when Gemini can’t decide or will second guess everything so much that it lands nowhere.  This lack of commitment also speaks to missing the gift of adapting.   Sigh.  The key for Gemini is unplugging and rebooting.  Shaking off the mass information means settling the brain.   Finding the quiet mental space is challenging for Gemini but necessary and especially true for all of us during 29 day cycle given the aspect on the new moon.  

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