Sunday, June 25, 2023

Astrology this Week: June 26 - July 2


First Quarter Moon 

June 26, 2023

12:49am PDT 




Focus on:  How are you taking action that support your relationships?   What actions are you taking that shift your thinking about partnerships?   What lines of communication are you opening or closing that impact your partnerships and relationships?  



Special Note


6/26: Mars square Uranus.  Anger, unrest energy versus stick in the mud approach.   Where is the balance? 

6/26: Mercury enter Cancer

6/27: Mercury sextile North node.  Inspired thinking.  Independence and starting new projects comes from novel ideas.  

6/28: Sun trine Saturn.   Sensitivity, family support.   Finding the cozy is easy to tap. 

6/29: Mercury trine Saturn.  Great for clarity in communication and thinking.  


Gibbous Moon

June 29, 2023  

7:55pm PDT  




Focus on:  How are you refining your joint assets?  How are you refining your power?  How are you refining the power of letting something go?  


Special focus

6/30: Neptune retrograde 2:06pm 27 Pisces 41 (see above) 

6/30: Mercury conjunct Sun.   Superior conjunction.  Emotions, family, home all in focus.   Clarity can be found.  

7/1: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  Big ideas meeting cozy execution.  Philosophies are good but how do they help the family?  

7/1: Sun sextile Jupiter.  Money and practicality get a boost of spirit and energy.    

7/2: Venus square Uranus.  Values that feel off may be called out for being weird.  Love, money and values feel odd. 

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