Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sagittarius Full Moon: June 3, 8:41pm PDT


Gustav Holst:  Jupiter 

June 3, 2023

8 :41pm PDT

Full Moon

13 Sagittarius18

Lunar Eclipse


The Sagittarius full moon is when we stretch and get out of normal routines and patterns.   We travel not just physically but mentally.  We expand our knowledge; we seek and give advice.  We look for the 20,000-foot perspective.   Normally, Sagittarius, who is good for a laugh and opposing Sun in Gemini, who loves novelty, there can be some fun on a full adventurous Sag moon.  But in this case, there may be a patina of seriousness given the wide square to Saturn in Pisces.   We are still in the beginning of Saturn’s journey in empathetic Pisces.  Our tender is being poked and prodded.   Our humanitarian is up, oh so high,  even when we struggle with humans.   Have any hints of depression or ennui lapped on your shore since March 7?  Have we been misguided by someone or some thing?    The mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces know how to adapt, if they can settle their brains.   Saturn is a settling influence all full moon.   Whatever message of lack or sadness or disconnection come up on this full moon there may also be hints of solution.  We may reach out to others for a wise perspective.  Sag's superpower is inspiration and since the Sun and Moon are in trine and sextile to Mars in Leo, inspiration can instigate needed actions which may even surprise you with their boldness.   


Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter continues to be in square with Pluto.   Pluto is difficult to calibrate since it has barely arrived in Aquarius.  What knowledge are we expanding (Jupiter)?  That has practical application (Taurus)?  That is shaking up our own source of power (Pluto)?   Or shake up our friends and groups (Aquarius)?  How is our love, money and values in the mix?   


Try to forgive any righteousness in others and in self, instead enjoy a good laugh, find a new trail to hike, watch a big ol’ adventure movie or maybe find comfort in house of worship.  Maybe light a candle.   Or listen to Gustav Holst : Jupiter for mega inspiration.  

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