Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Saturn Station Retrograde: June 17, 2023 - Find Your Inner Team of Fixer Uppers




Mar 11 2023     3:05pm    Saturn enters shadow 00 Pisces 31 

Jun 17, 2023    7:42am   Saturn station retrograde 07 Pisces 13

Nov 3, 2023       9:47am    Saturn station direct 00 Pisces 31

Jan 17, 2023     7:00am     Saturn leaves shadow 07 Pisces 13 


On March 7, Saturn left Aquarius and entered Pisces where it will be until 2026.    Pisces is the final water sign and connects to dreams, creativity, mysticism, spirituality, vulnerability, and compassion.   Given Saturn is the hardworking planet this could be a two- and half-year period of productive creative growth for Piscean endeavors.  It can also be an important period for humanitarian causes with concrete solutions.   

But how we get to concrete successes, which is what Saturn is always seeking, might start with Saturn’s calling card of frustration, sadness, weakness, and depression.    These emotions can be true of any sign Saturn enters but it is more so in vulnerable Pisces who can feel overwhelmed even on a good day.   Some of you may have felt these emotions since it entered Pisces in March.   However, what we know is that by the end of the Saturn’s journey there will be important results. Saturn takes hold of something slippery during its time in Pisces and then shapes and modes it into something that lasts.  Such was the case in previous treks by Saturn in Pisces. In the 1870s during the early days of what would become the art Impressionist movement or the film industry in the 1930s and certainly the world wide web in the 1990s, all were shaped during Saturn in Pisces.  Saturn brings a practicality to any sign including ephemeral, dreamy, sensitive, slippery Pisces.       


On June 17 Saturn stations for its first retrograde in Pisces.    For those people who have been feeling melancholy or pessimistic about something in their life or in the world, the retrograde may at first double the intensity of the emotion.  But Saturn retrograde is not prone to collapse into the emotions or lean into ‘what’s the use.’  Instead, Saturn seeks solutions.   How to find those solutions will first mean sharing your vulnerabilities with others.  You may seek professional help (very Saturn).   If your personal relationship is fraying, a therapist could be helpful, if your body is problematic, a doctor or new doctor may need to be called. If your business is wonky, a lawyer or financial advisor may need to be brought in.  If you are overwhelmed by issues in your community now you may need to reach out to your electeds or community activists.   

At the same time, you may also need to get structured about self-care and find ways to restore your body, emotions, and psyche.   Remember Saturn is not afraid of problems.  In fact, Saturn looks for them so that he can fix them.   In Pisces, Saturn is very much like one of those home make over tv shows.   The designer and contractor enter the house that is falling in on itself.  They see the damaged floors, disgusting plumbing, or a mess left over by a hoarder.   It is enough to overwhelm anyone.   But the team points out the good bones, calls in demo people and the junk hauler.  They are disciplined, they know their budget and they stay on task and by the end they have a beautiful new home.   That is Saturn in action.  Between June 17 and November 3 use Saturn retrograde to look and find your inner team that will help you stay on track, strengthen your resolve and in the end support your ability to tap faith.  And remember this can be a very creative time, use Saturn to help you make an important dream or two a reality.    


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